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Towne Center Tuesdays

  • Family Game Night
    It's officially the dead of winter. When it's too cold and miserable out for much but sitting around a fire with those you love. What to do on these long winter nights or snow days? Play a game or do a puzzle of course! And where can you go to refresh your selection? Eastwood. Here's where to go:
  • Spring into Color
    The weather may not yet say 'spring' - but that doesn't mean your wardrobe can't! At least, the colors of your wardrobe, that is. So what's on trend for spring? A palette of cool pastels with a pop of vibrant red. How can you mix these fresh shades in to your winter wardrobe? Here's some suggestions for you:
  • Win Her Heart with Sparkles
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us ladies enjoy a little sparkle.
  • Treats for Your Little Sweets
    Call Valentine's Day a made-up holiday if you want, but in this land of barren winter landscapes and frigid temps, it's nice to have something fun to look forward to in these mid-winter months!
  • Caring for You - Head to Toe
    Caring for You - Head to Toe
  • Completing the Circle with Complete Nutrition
    So now we're working out and eating right, but are we maximizing our results?
  • Eating Right at Eastwood
    o I'm here with some healthy options so you can continue to treat yourself AND stick to your resolutions...
  • New Year, New You: Get Fit
    As awesome as we may be, many of us have goals to live a healthier lifestyles in 2015...
  • A Sparkling New Year's Eve
    Don't fret - Eastwood Towne Center has beautiful, flattering looks that will let you sparkle and shine...
  • Gifts for the Gals...from the Guys.
    It's the week of Christmas and you need a gift for the lady in your life...