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Towne Center Tuesdays

  • Saying Thanks
    The other day I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a beautiful gift - and when I went home to write a note of appreciation, I discovered that my stock of thank you cards had dwindled to nothing.
  • Pamper, Refresh and Rejuvenate Mom!
    Mother's Day is coming up quick, and this year, I'm all about pampering, refreshing and rejuvenating Mom. Best of all, I've got a gift pack sure to please - and one lucky reader will be gifting it to her Mom this year...or, you know, rejuvenating herself!
  • Update His Wardrobe with Color
    I don't know about your guy, but mine has a tendency to dress in darker colors all winter long - but the time for that is over - and so we're looking for a little fun to mix in!
  • Spring Coats for Kids
    The weekend weather reminds us of how unpredictable a Michigan spring really is! While the forecast ahead is looking much better, we know there will be cold mornings and chilly evenings yet to come. So the kids need some cute jackets to keep them cozy while playing outside or waiting for the bus. Here are some adorable options I found at Eastwood!
  • Spring Denim Trends
    It might have stopped snowing out (mostly) but we're a long way from pulling out the shorts, so it's time to update your denim wardrobe. This season sees a new cut and fun takes on old favorites - so let's get started!
  • A Beautiful Baby Shower Gift
    There's a rash of new babies among my friends, and with the impending arrivals come the baby showers! I love to show up with a perfect gift - meaningful, useful and of course, beautiful. Today I share a few of my favorites!
  • The Perfect Easter Basket
    I don't know about you, but Easter snuck up on me this year! So here I am scrambling to get Easter treats together - and today I've got the recipe for the perfect basket, just add or subtract to make your kiddos smile!
  • Celebrating St. Paddy's
    Okay, note how I spelled that one - 'Paddy's' - the awesome team at Claddagh Irish Pub would like to remind everyone that this is the proper abbreviation of Patrick - or traditionally, Padraig. 'Patty' is a ladies' name - or the shape your burger comes in!
  • Spring Up Your Decor!
    Gosh, I love freshening up our home for spring - adding some flowers, some bright and cheery colors - even if there is still snow on the ground (last week, that is!) it really brightens up the whole place.
  • Spring Break Prep!
    Believe it or not (and after all the warm weather this weekend, I believe it!) but spring break is right around the corner. And if you're getting away to warmer climates, Eastwood has some must-haves for your jaunt!