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  • Back to School in Style: Elementary Kiddos
    And now we're to the little kids - the ones that might even still let you dress them from time to time, right? You need a perfect, Facebook-ready outfit for day 1, complete with all the accessories. I've got you covered!
  • Back to School in Style!
    I know I said last week that teen boys are easy to dress - but they do need something to wear! Here are some ideas to send your guy off in style.
  • Back to School in Style!
    Teen boys are (typically) easy enough to dress. They either have a look they're going for, or are content with t-shirts and jeans. Teen girls on the other hand? They're somewhat more tricky. So I'm here with some of the big trends for fall 2015 so you can be clued in to all the latest. Here we go!
  • Living in Linen
    In these dog days of summer, it's hard to stay comfy and look crisp...or so I thought. Until I met up with my friend Tyler for dinner and a movie last week, and he looked positively dapper. How's that? He was decked out in linen!
  • Baking with Berries - a Kitchen Tool with a Kick
    I've been on quite the summer berry baking kick.
  • Front Porch Makeover
    When we moved into our new (to us) house in November, we were excited to discover that the previous owner had left a little patio furniture behind. It was in pretty good shape, but the black metal had faded and there were tiny spots of rust here and there.
  • Dining Eastwood, Progressive Style
    With a beautiful Friday night in front of us, the husband and I decided that dinner at Eastwood was in order - and why not have a little fun, right? We love dining al fresco in the summer, so we wanted to draw out dinner for as long as possible, so we made a little progressive dinner out of it.
  • Five Vacation Must-Haves
    I hate to spend too much money before I head out on a vacation - I want to go shopping while I'm gone - but there are a few essentials you need to make sure your trip is loads of fun.
  • Your Fourth of July Picnic
    Happy 4th, friends! As we get ready to celebrate our country's independence, many of you are no doubt holding picnics, barbeques, family reunions and more to mark the big day. This year, why don't you add a little patriotic flair to your delicious meal? Eastwood Towne Center has everything you red-white-and-need!
  • Summer Shoe Shopping
    It's become clear over the past couple of weeks that my summer shoe wardrobe is lacking. It's been a few years since an update, so I'm on the hunt for summer sandals I can wear to work. I tend to walk around a lot over the course of a day, so comfort, style and a certain level of professionalism are all on my must-have list